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Congratulations to the ACT Road Ready Program on the launch of the GKY developed "any-device" compatible version of the Road Ready Knowledge Trainer.
LEXmon, our modular lexical analysis toolkit featuring:
  • Glossary creation, analysis and multi-glossary comparison;
  • Document analysis and comparison;
  • Glossary and document benchmarking;
  • Relationship visualisation; and
  • Temporal analysis of how words, phrases and concepts change over time .
The Remmon local agent is a small lightweight application that runs as a service on your Windows servers and provides the Remmon service with an ability to gather performance and specification data from machines running the Remmon local agent. Based on technology developed for use in our own high performance computing cluster, it's now been adapted for client-side use on servers, PCs and within the cloud.

About GKY

GKY Internet is one of Australia's leading internet solution providers delivering innovative and cutting edge web and mobile application development, hosting and integration services to business and government. We supply a total package end-to-end solution which is unmatched in the industry in terms of expertise, responsiveness, reliability and cost.

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Our services cover the entire range of web and mobile business applications including web development, mobile app development, interface design, data integration middleware, remote monitoring, web accessibility compliance auditing and web consulting.

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Our products include the Kontent modular content management system, Remmon our advanced remote monitoring service, WebISS our interactive mapping spacial system which provides a high speed web front end for geographic information systems (GIS) data.

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